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TAG’s are one of the ways you can traverse Pink Pages! city Search Engine. TAGs enable easier traversing search results. If you think Gold Dragon you may not know Gold Dragon is a Chinese restaurant. This enables the chance for a lot of Pink Pages! city Search Engine tags. Your website doesn’t say anything and your description may not either! But your tags can help, for example you may have “chinese” as a tag or “chinese+restaurant” or even “chinese+restaurant+toronto”. You can even search like this on Pink Pages! city search engine.

We can help you get all the tags you need for your main site and inner pages. We can also put together a package for all your inner pages including description, tags, and make your links clickable here on Pink Pages! city Search Engine.

At only £10 per TAG per year, you can add as many as you want.


Order 5 TAG’s

Order 10 TAG’s

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Order 100 TAG’s

Order 1,000 TAG’s

Not sure how many you need? Why not donate! We will then get back to you with a remainder custom package that includes description, clickable links, and TAG’s, as well as adding your other internal pages to Pink Pages! city Search Engine.