Get Description

A description for your website page and internal pages here on Pink Pages! city Search Engine is important as it enables people to find your listing as people search.

Pink Pages! city Search Engine allows normal searching and when people do, your website may not show up. Let us think Aston Martin, but people may search for car! Having a better description will help you.

You have several options for your description.

100 words only £10 per description

250 words only £25 per description

500 words only £50 per description

1,000 words only £100 per description

If you have multiple pages on your website, we recommend buying a pack. We can then help assess your website and make sure all pages have clickable links, descriptions, and Pink Pages! city tags.

5 Pack

10 Pack

50 Pack

100 Pack

1,000 Pack

More than 1,000 pages? Simply purchase one of the above and we can assess the rest of your site for a custom package.

Not sure how many you need? Why not donate! We will then get back to you with a remainder custom package that includes description, clickable links, and TAG’s, as well as adding your other internal pages to Pink Pages! city Search Engine.